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Our Story

Iranian-born composer Nima Fakhrara has honed his craft for nearly twenty years by scoring more than 100 feature films, multiple AAA game franchises and international television shows, as well as crafting commercial music for boutique brands. He is best known for his iconic DETROIT BECOME HUMAN score and Bad Robot’s action/drama Lou.


Scott Hedrick found his way into the composing world after years of touring the world and releasing records with his metal band Skeletonwitch.


The two became fast friends when Scott enrolled in a “Music for Video Games” course that Nima was teaching at UCLA. They bonded over a shared love of “outsider” composers (Partch, Cage, Schoenberg etc..), microtonal music, and an obsession with finding new and unique sounds.


Nima and Scott have collaborated on many film and game scores with Nima typically in the composer role while Scott fulfills any number of roles required to bring the score to life (music editor, additional music, co-composer, performer, etc..)


Their never ending pursuit of inspiring sounds has led to some interesting results…..Construct a reverb from the forest outside Nima’s studio? Sure! Use bird song as instrument in a score? Why not!? In the spirit of Harry Partch himself, Nima has welded, hammered, and fabricated all manner of custom instruments that are bowed, struck, and, occasionally, destroyed to get the desired result.

Farm Samples is the tangible result of their collective quest to manifest the sounds they hear in their heads.  Each instrument was created and implemented while Nima and Scott were deep in the exploration process of a score. Even though the process is hyper focused, the results are of use to composers and music creators of all types. The only limit is your imagination.

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