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  • How do I download my product?
    Once you place an order you will receive a link with a Pulse redemption code. you need to enter that into PULSE DOWNLOADER app.
  • Why is the interface so simple?
    The most beautiful, effective scores are often the most simple. They're intuitive and contain only what they need. We've applied this concept to our GUI. Our straightforward design allows you to open our instruments and immediately actualize your creative potential. The loudest element should be our sounds, not our graphic design.
  • Another sample library? Really?
    We fully support the wonderful, human musicians that perform on all of our scores! And there are many of them!! But, like it or not, fantastic sounding mockups are essential for a composer and it’s rarely feasible to hire players at the mockup stage. It’s our hope that these sample libraries enhance your sound palette, helping you land that big project, with that big budget so you can hire these players. These libraries are not meant to replace the players but rather provide you with the tip of the iceberg of what is possible WHEN you hire them.
  • Are the sample packs royalty free?
    Yes! All Farm Samples sounds are 100% royalty free. Once you purchase these sounds, you don’t owe us a thing! However, we would love it if you share the amazing music that you make with them!
  • When will I receive my merchandise?
    We try our best to get you everything as soon as humanly/roboticly possible. We will send you a confirmation for shipping on your physical products. For your digital products. you will receive a redemption code to use on Pulse.
  • What is your refunds policy?
    You are eligible for a refund if you contact us within 14 days of your order and have yet to download your product. Once a product has been downloaded or 14 days have elapsed, we cannot offer a refund. Please get in touch at here to request a refund.
  • How can I re-download a product?
    We use pulse for our download engine. We allow you three downloads. If you really need more contact us here!
  • My payment failed
    Sometimes things happen. It’s worth trying again straight away. It’s possible that we or our card payments processor had a temporary problem that will have gone away a minute later. If the problem persists, however, the best thing to do before contacting us is to check with your bank that they are not blocking the transaction. Many banks in particular block their customers from making overseas web transactions by default. They will usually remove this restriction if you ask them. For Visa and MasterCard transactions we also use 3D Secure to enhance the security of your payments. That part of the checkout is hosted by your own bank’s servers, so it’s possible that If your bank hasn’t correctly implemented this (or their systems are temporarily offline), you may see a blank page at the final stage of the checkout. Again, your bank can advise on the best course of action.
  • I’ve lost my serial number for product activation
    Emails get misplaced and you might find that you are out of luck when you need to find a past serial number. The best place to find all of your serial numbers would be to log into your Farm Samples account page. here If you find that the serial number you are looking for is not there, please contact us with all of the relevant information.
  • Can I install on more than one computer?
    With our products you have three licenses. This means that you are allowed to download and install on three computers you own, say your main rig, your mobile rig, and your assistant/best friend. The best way to get your library on all of your machines is to copy it from one to another via an external HDD. It saves you from having to redownload the whole library again!
  • Can I try before I buy?
    No - it is not currently possible to demo our products.
  • How do I update my products?
    Best way to update your product is to use the pulse app to download a new update, if available.
  • Can I download on a PC, then transfer to a Mac or vice versa?
    All of our Kontakt libraries are compatible on both PC and Mac computers. You can download our Kontakt libraries on either PC or Mac and they will work if you need to transfer them across to the other operating system.
  • Instrument opening in ‘demo’ mode
    If you are seeing the ‘demo’ button and your patches are timing out, it means you are trying to run a non-player library in the Kontakt Player software. You need to upgrade your Player to the full version of Kontakt. We try very hard to ensure at all stages of our website that everyone understands which libraries need full Kontakt and which need the Player only. Essentially our Player libraries don’t need the full Kontakt because we have paid the license fee on our customers’ behalf -- this is more financially viable on our higher priced libraries.
  • Do you offer any discounts for teachers and students?
    If you are a student or teacher/professor at any accredited institution worldwide, you are eligible for a 30% discount on any Spitfire sample library as part of our Educational Discount promotion. You can purchase as many products as you like with this discount whilst you are in education, and you can even use your discounted libraries for commercial purposes. Good supporting documentation includes student ID cards and acceptance letters for students, and redacted contracts of employment or staff ID cards for teachers. If in doubt, please provide us with a couple of documents to look over. Please also ensure that any photos/scans are clear and readable. If your documentation is not in English, please consider including a translation. We will require supporting documentation to be dated within 30 days of the application, or in the case of ID cards, have an expiry date in the future. Once we review your information we will give you a special discount code to use Your discount code will usually expire after 1 year. However, during promotional periods with a specific end date, you will need to make your purchase before that date. Your code will only work on purchases made with the same Farm Samples account you used when you applied for the discount, so you won’t be able to share it, sorry! Our collections already have a discount of up to 35% compared against the price of the products they contain, so we don’t allow any further discount on these products. Contact us for Education Discount here
  • I want to buy a collection, but I already own one or more of the products in it
    Contact us and we will be able to help you. here
  • I’ve been waiting ages for my download links...
    We run all our orders through a fraud checking process. The automatic fraud check takes 10 minutes (but can take up to two hour during a very busy period, eg. Black Friday), but if your order gets caught at this stage, we run a manual order check, and this can delay the processing of your order for up to 48 hours (though this would be a rare and exceptional case, so sorry). You should however receive an order confirmation email IMMEDIATELY upon placing your order. This confirms that your order has successfully been logged in our system and that your payment was successfully taken. Please check your junk folders before contacting our support.
  • My question isn’t listed here
    We dont accept extra question... kidding! contact us here, easy!
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