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Surdo_concert toms text.png

Performed by Joe Martone
Recorded at the legendary Village Studio

Part of the Farm Samples Drums Vol. 1 bundle, our Concert Tom and Surdo library packs the perfect punch or low-mid heft, depending on your needs. The toms are sized 13” 14” and 16” and each was sampled in a “regular” and “muffled” versions. The surdo drums come in both wooden and metal varieties, are sized medium and large, and each iteration has muffled and unmuffled versions. What does all this mean?! It means you’ve never had this much variety and control over the mid range of your drum section. All the instruments have designated hi and low pass filters, as well as solo, trio, and ensemble modes.

We created these libraries out of the need for detailed control over our drum sounds. Not only control of each individual drum sound but also the ability to control the number of players. Every single drum is available in solo, trio, and ensemble modes putting limitless combinations of sounds and players at your fingertips. Each library was meticulously programmed by us, the composers, internally. This means the interface may not be fancy, but it’s efficient. You’ll get incredible performances and you’ll get them quickly. You can move at the speed of your ideas.


“Remember how lucky we are that we get to PLAY music”

Nima said this when we were deep into a large film project and he could sense building frustration within the team. It really resonated and has become something of a mantra between us. More often than not, our best ideas are the result of a period of play or exploration. When we’re guided by our ears and our imaginations, not the deadlines and creative confines imposed by a particular project, we’re at our best.

Farm Samples are the results of this process and we’re delighted to share them with you.


Whats Included:

Concert Toms: 13, 14, and 16-inch toms in muffled and unmuffled variations

Surdo: medium and large wooden Surdo drums in muffled and unmuffled variations. Medium and large metal Surdo drums in muffled and unmuffled variations

  • Size Knob scales each individual drum from “solo” to “trio” and “ensemble” modes

  • Low and High Pass filters

  • Built-in Reverb

  • Composer Nima Fakhrara and Producer Matt Dyson custom mix patches

  • Product Updates for life

Microphones Used: 

  • Neumann TLM 170

  • Royer 121

  • Neumann U87

  • Shure SM57

  • Neumann M50

  • AEA R88 Ribbon

  • Coles Ribbon

  • Placid Audio Copperphone

  • NS 10 speaker wired in reverse (sub mic)


Mac system requirements

Pulse Download

Minimum FULL Kontakt Version 6.7.1 (Kontakt Player will not work with this library)

PC system requirements

Pulse Download

Minimum FULL Kontakt Version 6.7.1 (Kontakt Player will not work with this library)


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(20% discount over if bought individually)

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